Personal opinion on Covid-19

Three months have been passed since we have entered into 2020, yet it feels like we have actually living a life of some kind of science fiction movie. The world feels like it is getting really chaotic and scary as if the world has turned its back on human beings. Of course, it is a natural thing that when things start to happen the other way around than we have expected, we start experiencing feelings of panic, worry or even anger. It is easy that our emotions overrun our rationality, especially at times of crisis like Covid-19 that instead of solidarity, hope and care, we start blaming one another and start panicking and get anxious. Yet, if we replace our negative emotions with positive ones and think rationally, even the crisis like Covid-19 can teach us a lot.

As the saying goes, “every coin has two sides”, Covid-19 has both its negative and positive aspects. Obviously, it is a drastic disease which has claimed the lives of thousands of people worldwide and is affecting both the socio-economic, and political aspects of our society in different ways. A lot of things that has become part of our “normal life” such as commuting to work, attending public holidays, traveling or even just taking a leisurely walk in the park has become a privilege that we feel like hopeless and desperate. But at the same time, all of these seem to tell us to look back and contemplate about our life and actions. With so much hustle and bustle of our hectic lives, it seems as if we have forgotten the simple, yet precious things that exist in our lives.

With this modern “busy” life, we have rarely time to appreciate simple things like our nature, and spend time with our family. If we look at this outbreak, it is not difficult to realize that every action each one of us take can have a significant impact on the planet. As a clear example, with the outbreak of Covid-19, there has been a significant decrease in the air pollution which has directly related to our own human actions. Although our so-called “normal life” has seem to be disrupted, not only it is giving a chance to the Mother Earth to be healed from the damages that we have caused it to suffer, but it is also giving us a chance to change our lifestyles. Instead of longing for getting back to our “normal life”, it is time for us to think again and learn from this crisis. There is no guarantee that we will not face the same crisis in the future. Therefore, instead of planting the seeds of blame, panic and hatred towards one each other, let’s start planting the seeds of solidarity, new hopes and care towards one another.

Finally, we have only one Planet and we reap what we sow!

Graduate student at Shanghai University, International Relations & Diplomacy