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Recently watched this eye-opening biographical documentary by the well-known naturalist David Attenborough (now a 93-year old) who shares with us his first-hand experience of witnessing humanity’s impact on nature over the course of his lifetime. While one may get jealous of his “extraordinary” (as he puts it himself) life journey…

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A relationship is such a broad term. This opinion piece concerns mainly a person-to-person/ people-to-people relationship. Below I will share 3 characteristics of a relationship which I consider as important and meaningful. Although these traits may sound simplistic in theory, we often fail to apply it in practice.

#1. Honesty

Shanghai —aka Asia’s “New York” (2019)

When it comes to a country, people or culture other than that we are already familiar with or at least, actually had some experience with, it is easy to get influenced by stereotypes and other generalizations that are so prevalent at this time of mass media. It is not a…

Three months have been passed since we have entered into 2020, yet it feels like we have actually living a life of some kind of science fiction movie. The world feels like it is getting really chaotic and scary as if the world has turned its back on human beings…

Yelif Ulagpan

Graduate student at Shanghai University, International Relations & Diplomacy

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